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Shopping for some people can be challenging! So I created this shopping guide which has items for everyone. From tech geeks to home decor lovers and fashionistas to plant parents, there’s a little something for everyone on your list.

This post may contain some affiliate links from which I make a commission, at no cost to you. It helps me continue to create awesome content for you! ūüôā

  1. The HyperChiller is the perfect gift for an iced coffee, iced tea, or cocktail lover. Pre-fill it with water and keep it in your freezer until you need to quickly chill a drink whether it’s freshly brewed coffee or tea. Alternatively, you can use it to chill a warm spirit for a cocktail without watering it down with ice.
  2. One of the products on market that became popularized during the pandemic is the Contact-Less Door Opener Tool Keychain. It’s the perfect gift for anyone on¬† your list. They can avoid touching door handles with this simple keychain. There are a ton of different styles but this one is a best seller and it comes with a built-in stylus.
  3. A Set of Cheese Knives with wooden handles is a great gift for someone who loves to host in their home. Any charcuterie board is lonely without cheese knives. You can get an affordable set here.
  4. For the organizing buff, this chic Set of Glass Canisters with Bamboo Tops will immediately elevate any boho or modern kitchen. I recenlty purchased 2 sets and I love how elegant it makes my kitchen counter look.
  5. A Bicycle Repair Kit is perfect for the bicycle rider in your crew.
  6. For the eco-conscious friend, get them a set of Natural Water Filtering Charcoal Sticks. They’re nature’s Brita filters without the plastic waste. And they make your water taste so crisp! I highly recommend them.
  7. Marimo balls are seaweed balls. They live in water and this lovely Marimo Kit from Horti is perfect for any plant lover.
  8. Get a plant lover started with a set of Macrame Plant Hangers. They match perfectly with boho and retro home decor.
  9. I didn’t know I needed macrame fringe coasters until I saw these! They are so fun and match perfectly with trendy boho home decor.
  10. If you haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek yet, where have you been?! It is by far my favorite show (which I only just discovered a year ago). The next few items are Schitt’s Creek merch which are must-haves for fans of the show. The Rose Apothecary mug is a perfectly elegant gift choice for any coffee or tea lover.
  11. The¬†“Ew, David” T-shirt is my favorite merch item. It’s hysterical whenever Alexis says the line on the show. Haha!
  12. The family Ampersand T-Shirt is simply perfect as well.
  13. And the apron with the iconic “Fold in the Cheese” phrase is hilarious.
  14. For the cap lover, you can never go wrong with an adjustable snapback. This black Adidas Snapback is a classic.
  15. If you want to shop small this season, Handmade Clay Earrings¬†are the perfect gift for any fashion lover. The makers create all different kinds of designs with various patterns and colors. You’re sure to find the best fitting one for your friend.
  16. My favorite handbag in my wardrobe is this Clear Beaded Handbag. I’ve worn is so many times and I always get compliments on it. It is great quality and reflects light so it creates a sparkly look wherever you take it.
  17. A fun gift for a friend who is banned from the office is this Work From Home Survival Kit. It has some fun activities to keep them from going crazy while spending so much time at home.
  18. For the friend who is always taking photos by standing their phone or camera on a pile of boxes or books, get them a handy Lightweight Tripod. I’ve had this one for years and it’s still in fantastic condition.
  19. Another handy tech tool for the friend who loves to take photos solo is this Phone Camera Shutter Remote Control. It’s perfect for taking photos solo without the hassle of quickly tossing your phone out of the frame after pressing the shutter with the timer.
  20. And last, this Phone Mount for Tripod is perfect to add to a set of photography tools. I use this mount all the time on my tripod when I want to take photos with my phone instead of my camera.

There you have it! I hope this guide helps you find some thoughtful gifts for your friends and family. Happy shopping!!!

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What are your favorite gifts this holiday season?

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