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I can’t believe I’m 33 now! Wow it has been a wild ride. This year my brithday was very different since we’re living in the COVID-19 pandemic… But we’re here. And we have a lot to celebrate since life is fleeting.

I decided to do a more low-key celebration because of obvious reasons (the pandemic duh!). So a few of my friends and I gathered outdoors and ate some delicious tacos from Bodega in Miami Beach, Florida.

It was unusually cold in south Florida on my birthday so I dressed for the weather. I wore a faux leather jacket, a black turtleneck, high-waisted jeans, and some pumps with chunky heels. For accessories, I kept it simple with pearl hoops and a pearl handbag. Shop the look below!

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Do you dress up for your brithday? Or are you more low-key? Give me the details below!

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