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So J.Crew had put out some information about the #MeetMyCrew campaign and how they were putting out more sizes for their clothes. Because of that, Drea from Drea Flow and I visited a local J.Crew store in order to try on clothes in our sizes.

We anticipated having a lot more style options to choose from, but there weren’t many clothes in our sizes. So the trip didn’t go as planned, but nonetheless we had a lot of fun trying on clothes and getting an idea on how the fit is in their clothes. Check out our video below!

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Wrap-Tie Jumpsuit | Shop Here

Collection Tie-Waist Pant | Shop Here 

V-Neck Boyfriend Sweater | Shop Here

Tie-Waist Short in Popplin | Shop Here

Tie-Waist Short in Chambray | Shop Here

Juliette Sweater Blazer | Shop Here

Faux-Wrap Velvet Rose Leopard Dress | Shop Here

Wrap-Tie Jumpsuit | Shop Here

Mercantile Superbloom Midi Dress | Shop Here

365 Boucle Blazer | Shop Here

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Do you shop at J.Crew? Tell me what your experiences have been like with the fit of their clothes.

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