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These eco conscious items make perfect gifts for that friend who takes her reusable tote everywhere and obsessively recycles. Get her something she’ll absolutely love! 😀

  1. So I’m obsessed with my To-Go Ware BambooTravel Utensils! It’s an AMAZING gift for your friend who does not want to keep using disposable plastic utensils when grabbing a bite to eat.
  2. Everyone who’s into makeup needs a beauty blender and this Perfecting Blending Duo from Eco Tools is sustainably made!
  3. This Eco Tools Confidence in Bloom Makeup Brush Set is perfection! It brings a great variety of brushes for the full face.
  4. Lush makes these Shampoo Bars and they are so cool! Made with natural ingredients, and the best part is that there’s no plastic container to be trashed!
  5. Your friend will definitely appreciate this Dental Lace Floss! No more plastic strings nor containers to throw out!
  6. A great gift for the home is this pack of 100% Organic Wool Dryer Balls by Little-Likes. They are reusable and save you some drying time!
  7. Something you can pair with the dental floss is this pack of Natural Bamboo Toothbrushes from WOWE. I’ve been brushing with bamboo toothbrushes for 2 years and I’m never turning back!
  8. And Brush with Bamboo makes this cool Bamboo Travel Case for your toothbrush! Check it out!
  9. The best shower accessory is a washcloth! This pack of Bamboo Soft Organic Washcloth Towels by Bamboo Baby are 100% organic, chemical free, super soft, and not just for babies!
  10. A big trend right now is dry brushing your body in the tub before your shower. It’s supposed to work wonders for your skin. The one I just ordered is this Dry Body Brush from EcoTools. I’m so excited to try this!
  11. Who doesn’t love a fresh scented soap?! Etsy is the perfect place to find natural soaps. Plus, these from The Country Escape are hand-made and aren’t wrapped in plastic. Also, a gift from Etsy is helping to support small business owners!
  12. Soy candles are a great go-to gift for anyone! Etsy has some fantastic ones. These soy candles from Dawn Candle Worx have amazing reviews! They fill up your home with fresh scents without the toxic chemicals of regular candles. And of course they are hand-poured and eco-friendly! #ShopSmall 😉


There you have it boo! I hope this guide helped you find some amazing gifts for your eco conscious friends and family. Have fun shopping!!!

What are your favorite gifts this holiday season???

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