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So my BFF introduced me to Glossier about a year ago. She showed me some of the products she purchased and told me that they were made with natural ingredients and that she really loved the products. At the time, I was using other brands for my skincare routine so I didn’t purchase anything right away.

It wasn’t until I heard the name “Glossier” again while listening to one of my favorite podcasts Call Your Girlfriend that I decided to FINALLY buy from them. Well the rest is history! I fell in love with their stuff! Their products are fantastic and their branding is so cute!

I use the milk jelly cleanser and priming moisturizer twice daily. I love the priming moisturizer because it’s not greasy! It’s very light and buildable. Also, I apply the mega greens galaxy pack face mask once a week. I have sensitive skin so a lot of masks tend to irritate me. This one may give you a bit of a tingly feeling in the beginning but it quickly goes away. After the mask is dry (about 20 minutes), I wash it off with lukewarm water. It does NOT leave my face red nor irritated. Instead, it leaves my face smooth and it minimizes my pores!!! I have very large pores on my nose, chin, and at the center of my forehead, so anything that minimizes my pores is a game-changer for me.

Also, I highly recommend the boy brow. The boy brow is a brow gel that comes in clear or colored. I get the brown one because I have very thin eyebrows and I want to make them appear thicker. This gel makes your eyebrows a bit bushier and it keeps the hairs in place. If you have thick eyebrows, I would recommend you go with the clear gel. I lightly apply the gel to my brows making sure I do not get any gel on my skin. If you’re using the colored gel and it gets on your skin, it can look fake. When you carefully apply it to the hair only, it creates a more natural look.

Another product I really love from Glossier is the cloud paint. It’s a paint that you apply to your cheeks to create a lightly flushed look. Be careful not to apply too much! Just a small dab goes a long way. You can always add more after. If you’re going for a natural quick makeup look, the cloud paint automatically boosts your look. They come in 4 different shades. I adore the PUFF color.

Finally, you want to get the soothing face mist (a.k.a. rosewater spray). It’s a hydrating spray that you can apply to your bare face to soothe it or after makeup to set it. I use this daily… It’s so refreshing!

Go get these products! I know you’ll love them! They also make great gifts for your friends for the holidays! 😉

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Do you use Glossier? Which are your favorite products?

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